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After years of activity, we have fulfilled the goals such as the combination of business interests and the creation of a sole public image by driving knowledge, networking and trust among us, in a step by step approach.

To enhance the growth of the Business Group and to cover larger projects, we set up the AEI AERTIC Innovative Business Group in July 2010. This was a forward-looking step that allowed the hiring of own staff to face greater objectives. This time has been characterized by joint projects launching, companies business development supporting through actions for marketing and promotion of the members technology, and the collaboration with the different training centers to push forward  ICT training to attract talent and to promote ICT education for the future professional workers of the sector.

If you want to join AERTIC or more information is needed please contact us:

Seila Jiménez

Seila Jiménez

Administration Department Manager

T. 941 271 271 · F. 941 262 537

Download the Registration Sheet. Once fulfilled and signed, send it to: