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Spairal Commerce, S.L.

The Spairal platform offers a breakthrough towards digital transformation. Spairal eliminates any traces of paper or crafts, which ultimately translate into data processing costs or constant error resolutions. Spairal is a platform offered as a service (PaaS) and is located between the ERP of the client, SAP or any other, and its suppliers so that both the client and them send or receive the data traffic (catalogues, orders, delivery notes, receipt confirmations, Invoices…) in any type of format (EDI, XML, TXT…). Small or “low-tech” vendors use the graphical interface of the Spairal portal (Web and/or app) to inject that traffic so that nothing escapes from a digital format.

The Spairal platform has multiple modules and functionalities. We can highlight among them:


Spairal is in itself an EDI station with two major advantages over conventional models:

  • It allows you to work or connect to any data network (VAN) market (we can work with mailboxes such as Edicom, Seres, Ediversa, Voxel …) or work securely over the Internet with the AS2 protocol.
  • It works on a flat rate, without depending on the number of messages that pass through the platform, the costs are and will always be fixed.


When we empower the previous EDI station with business intelligence and a graphical interface is when we really talk about a portal, a shared space between the client company and its suppliers with all the detail and traceability of a transactional system. Among the most outstanding functionalities of the same we would highlight:

  • Catalogue Alignment
  • Complete transactional flows of the supply chain
  • Supplier statistics and evaluation
  • Financial statements of invoices

Our references in large companies are Serunión, GM Food, Áreas, Sehrs, La Sirena, Danone, Campofrío, Panrico, etc.


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