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Pixelabs, S.L.


Pixelabs, S.L.

By the use of Artificial Intelligence, we acquire, process and analyze data in different contexts to extract relevant information for your business. We also develop customized solutions that help you to visualize that information and navigate through it.

  • We provide valuable data to customers around the world to support their key business decisions.
  • Intelligent interactions with our applications.
  • Transforming companies with innovative tools.
  • Providing measurable value to our clients.

Computer vision helps us to acquire, process, analyze and understand images and to extract high-dimensional data from the real world like a human being does.

Big Data includes data sets that are impossible to be managed and processed within a tolerable elapsed time in common-use software tools.

The automatic learning models learn from the essential entries of the large data set.

As part of automatic learning, we apply deep learning architectures, such as deep neural networks and recurrent neural networks to meet the needs of our clients.

Artificial vision, voice recognition, natural language processing and audio recognition are some of our solutions.


María Teresa Gil de Garate, 49

26002 Logroño – La Rioja

+34 941 48 48 17

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