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Personas y estrategia


Personas y estrategia

Personnel selection in La Rioja, Navarre and border regions. We know where the local talent is, whose are the best, and we help them find the company in which to develop their talent. We know the companies in the area and their specific needs, especially their difficulties in capturing, developing and retaining the best ones.

We offer our clients a contracted methodology for the solution of their selection and retention problems.

In cases of special difficulty, we design and perform direct search processes for executive and management profiles.

We also know that sometimes the best option is to make an internal evaluation and to carry out a promotion process. We have the methodology to evaluate the competencies of people, their ability to succeed in their work and their capacity for commitment and motivation.
Our process can be adapted to the features of each case, we design selection tests and interviews that guarantee the expected results.
According to the latest studies, 60% of selection processes end in failure, our selection model minimizes these risks and our selection processes are guaranteed and witnessed by our clients.

Improve your business yield thanks to our Coaching system in La Rioja.


Parque de los Lirios, nº 6, oficina 2

26006 Logroño (La Rioja)

679 572 152

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