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JIG Digital

We use technology in a creative way which allows us to innovate in the development and design of projects. Under the 360º concept, we carry out the full integration of all management, manufacturing and logistics systems with digital sales channels in companies from different sectors: footwear-fashion, wine, retail, industry, etc.

Consultants and implementers of ecommerce projects. Our platforms manage millions of euros annually. Study, analysis and integration of the ecommerce strategy with the main marketplaces.

Design, conceptualization and development of integral communication projects. All JIG Digital projects are focused on improving management processes in traditional sectors through technology. Industry 4.0, digital transformation and Smart Cities.

R&D projects with European funding, CDTI and Mineco, in IoT projects, IoE, interoperable platforms, sustainable mobility and data security.

Salesforce partner, consulting and implementation in industrial and agri-food sectors of the world’s number one CRM solution.


C/ Piqueras 24 Bajo

26006 Logroño (La Rioja)

+34 941 22 64 17


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JIG Digital
JIG Internet