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iSchool is the first school in La Rioja that empowers and develops the digital skills of children and young people to provide them with useful tools that enable them to face the challenges of the future with guarantees through the study of programming and the use of logic and new technologies. It is the incubator for future engineers, scientists and programmers with a method that combines playing, fun and learning. From the age of four, our students learn to express themselves digitally, understanding the computer fundamentals of new technologies and ceasing to be simple technological consumers.

We are an innovative initiative that emerged in La Rioja in 2014 and that focuses on the educational development of digital skills from an early age. We are currently present in more than forty schools in La Rioja, Navarra and Murcia, which offer iSchool as a unique and creative extracurricular activity based on a model of active and playful learning where students are protagonists through their creations (video games, applications, robots, presentations, animations, etc.).

We have our own training center in Logroño with modern facilities in an avant-garde space for the development of innovation and creativity. More than 5,000 students have already passed through our classrooms.

In addition to our extracurricular activities we develop other types of activities such as workshops (robotics, programming, electronics, Minecraft), camps, training for robotics tournaments or the organization of technological events such as Scratch Day, RiojaBOT or the World Robotics Olympiad WRO.

Our portfolio of services is completed with adult education services, development of tailor-made courses and contents and distribution of materials related to educational robotics.


Avda. Club Deportivo 20 BIS

26007 Logroño (La Rioja)

+34 941 578 452