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Innovación Riojana de Soluciones IT, S.L.

Specialists in advanced and customized ICT solutions: IT SYSTEMS and SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, essential areas in the digital transformation of the processes of medium and large companies, IR SOLUTIONS is your IT Solutions Innovation.

A company with over 18 years of experience in the ICT sector, which has a young team of 40 professionals with ability to overcome, proactive and involved in customer projects, thanks to investment in R & D, knowledge of technology and the ability to adapt, recycle and evolve with market trends.

Its own IT department, the design and development of applications scalable to the business processes of its customers and their integration with business management tools, provide the experience and knowledge acquired key to offer valuable solutions.

From its offices in La Rioja, IR SOLUTIONS addresses projects for SMEs and corporations throughout Spain and other countries, with global deployments in key IT projects, with high quality, reliability and efficiency at the technical level, development and project management of more than 400 customers.


Calle Valdegastea 2

26007 Logroño – La Rioja

+34 941 545 000

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