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Innovative Business Group of the ICT sector of La Rioja

Born on July 2010 to boost the sector and for the development of joint projects.

Under the auspices of the Enterprises Federation of La Rioja FER  AEI AERTIC is born as an instrument to channel the interests and needs of a large technological sector related to the Information and Communication Technologies in La Rioja.

After several years of activity, both the interests and a sole public image goals have been achieved, by means of stimulation of knowledge, networking and trust among the members.

In order to promote the growth of the Business Group to cover larger projects, we took an step forward by recruiting our own staff to face greater objectives and the launching of joint projects, supporting to the business development of the companies through actions to spread marketing, members technology and collaboration with the different training centers in order to promote ICT training to attract talent and encourage ICT education for future professional workers in this sector.

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About Us

Technical Staff

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Elena Garrido

General Secretary

Laura Urbieta

Laura Urbieta

Technical Coordinator

José Ángel Campo

José Ángel Campo

Projects Manager

Seila Jiménez

Seila Jiménez

Administration Manager

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Sergio de Torre

Projects Manager

Our technical staff is responsible for…

  • RD&I Projects development and documentation
  • Cluster dynamics management
  • Member recruitment and relationship
  • Regional subsidies application Consultancy
  • Conferences related to the ICT sector
  • Cluster strategy Management
  • Commission Management: Small Businesses, Internationalization, R&D, Public Administrations and training for institutions and other third parties
  • Selection and Management of companies for the bilingual dual VET/CTE of Los Boscos and Jesuitas education centers and for the degree in Computer Engineering of the University of La Rioja
  • Management of the ATIC Master scholarship of the University of La Rioja
  • Relationship with CONETIC (members of the Executive Committee)
  • AENOR Technical Committee for the Smart Cities normalization, in the Infrastructure Sub-Committee on behalf of CONETIC