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The FER Consolida initiative put on the market and Internet communications solutions, procedures and licensing, and employment, tax and accounting advice in starting a business project


FER Consolida is a catalog of on-demand services for entrepreneurs Rioja and all those who are launching a business idea. The initiative aims to facilitate the task of launching a business project in its infancy, just as there are more difficulties in consolidating a business model.

FER Consolida primary objective is that new entrepreneurs have direct communication tools and advice at the beginning of entrepreneurship and streamline bureaucratic procedures and licensing records that require government

FER Consolida consists of three types of services: communications and Internet services, processing of municipal licenses and labor, tax and accounting advice.

Communication services and Internet

The range of services offered to new businesses ADSL, fixed and mobile with Vodafone at very competitive prices with a monthly fee of 45 euros and the possibility of getting a Samsung Galaxy Ace. For 20 euros, the entrepreneur who adhere to the service will get a iPhone5.

Asesoría laboral, fiscal y contable

The new package of FER Consolida also provides advice on labor, tax and accounting at reduced by the number of workers prices, guaranteeing prices for 3 years. To provide this service, the FER has specialized consulting firms and La Rioja.

Processing of municipal licenses

Finally, technicians perform all procedures FER municipal licenses, opening work, including industry and visa formalities.

To qualify for these services FER Consolidates, Rioja entrepreneurs must register their high in the Federation of Employers of La Rioja (FER).

The new initiative of the FER, is destined to design new services specifically for those starting a new business project, since it is increasingly growing interest in self-employment.