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AERTIC was created in May 2006 as a tool to channel the interests and needs of a broad technology sector linked to the Information and Communication Technologies  in La Rioja. After these years of activity we have achieved the goal of uniting interests and public image generating unit, driving slowly the knowledge, networking and trust between us. To enhance the growth of the business association and cover larger projects, we set up in July 2010 Innovative Business Association AEI AERTIC. This was an ambitious step that has allowed our own recruitment to meet higher goals. This time was characterized by the implementation of joint projects, supporting the development of business enterprises through outreach marketing, technology partners and collaboration with various training centers faced to boost training ICT to attract talent and promote ICT education of future professionals. In addition AERTIC constitutes various committees of interest: – Formation CommissionAAPP CommissionMicro-SMEs CommissionI+D CommissionInternationalization commission To join simply download the following newsletters, fill in and send signed in to admin@aertic.esFER adhesion bulletinRegister as a member bulletin adhesion AEI AERTIC or   Membership as adhered member bulletin AEI AERTIC Since June 2014, AEI AERTIC hold a 50% discount on membership fee for the first year, for new partners that are start-ups (maximum 2 years).