AERTIC is present in the Entrepreneur Day 2015

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The Regional Minister of Industry, Innovation and Employment, Javier Erro, accompanied by the president of the FER, Jaime García Calzada, and the director of the Chamber of Commerce, Florencio Nicolás, presented the 9th Annual Day of the Entrepreneur. This meeting will be held on January 22 at the Sports Palace of Logroño and will host  a Business Expo in addition to lectures and other activities related to entrepreneurship, as a networking area, a library for entrepreneurs or ‘Elevator Pitch EmprendeRioja competition. The Entrepreneur Day is part of the actions of revitalization of EmprendeRioja Plan, which aims to ease the way entrepreneurs La Rioja, offering personalized advice throughout the process of creating the company. Since its launch in late 2008 have created 2,150 companies with a survival rate above 70%. In his presentation, Javier Erro has emphasized the crucial role of entrepreneurs in the economy and job creation, and has defined entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs of La Rioja as an engine of the economy and employment in our region, noting that ” entrepreneurial initiatives need to exit the crisis with strength. Therefore the Government of La Rioja has launched the EmprendeRioja Plan, which includes specific services for entrepreneurs, to help them realize their projects and specific support to entrepreneurs, financial tools and services as the business incubator or space coworking ” . “Innovation, sale and entrepreneurship are the keys to this new edition of Entrepreneur Day, a great quote from an entrepreneurial culture and an effective tool to encourage and support entrepreneurs,” said Javier Erro, adding that “our goal is to enhance the creation of new businesses, improve competitiveness and increase the use of new technologies in the consolidated companies”. January 22th, Entrepreneur Day 2015 La Rioja. The ninth edition of Entrepreneur Day is conceived as a fair where entrepreneurs can showcase their projects and make new customers and consolidated companies know new business initiatives for further innovation. This is a meeting to share knowledge, experiences and testimonies. Specifically, the Business Expo is specifically targeted to entrepreneurs who want to publicize their business and attract new clients as well as established companies that want to innovate within your company and focus on new initiatives. The other activities and presentations are aimed at all those who want to start their business or who have done and want to continue learning and making new contacts. “It’s encouraging entrepreneurship through exposure to real cases, exchange of experience, awards, networking activities, coworking and library and presentation aids and services,” said Javier Erro, who said that “we hope to overcome the results of the last meeting with the participation of 50 exhibitors, 16 speakers and more than 800 visitors. ” The Business Expo will offer employers a great showcase to give greater visibility to their businesses and to make business contacts. Allow participants to learn new technologies, access to new markets and potential customers, introduce new products or services, getting direct contact with a wide range of potential trade buyers and sell. May participate as an exhibitor companies from all sectors both La Rioja and the rest of Spain. Also those who have defined business ideas and want to test its acceptance or make partner search. Lectures and other activities to promote entrepreneurial culture. Throughout the day the entrepreneur, the Sports Palace will host also:

  • Networking Area: a place where attendees can meet and hang out with other companies and fostering relationships between attendees, exhibitors and other companies. Because the main purpose of this act is to create synergy between entrepreneurs, businessmen and visitors.
  • Coworking Area: joint work space, intended for those who want to work with your laptop during the event.
  • Entrepreneurial Library: attendees can browse and purchase many of the entrepreneurs titles today.
  • Elevator Pitch Contest EmprendeRioja: Videos of three minutes where entrepreneurs must present your company will be screened. Most original will be rewarded with 300 euros for EmprendeRioja. All exhibitors may participate. The quality of the presentation and the project will be evaluated.
  • Presentation room: space where exhibitors can perform different activities, from training to product presentations.
  • Pechakucha Meeting: at the end of the day this unique platform for spreading innovation will be held, with the collaboration of La Rioja Foundation for Innovation.
  • Lectures program:

10.15-11.15h. Opening lecture. Juanma Romero, director and presenter of ‘undertaking’. 11.45-12.45h. Financing for entrepreneurs. Enisa, La Caixa, Iberaval, Ricari, UNIR undertaken collaborates. 12.45-13.45h. Management skills focused on internationalization. Manu Alber de la Rica. Consultant and coach. 14.00-16.00h. Lunch and 16.00-17.00h networking activity. Meet the lean start up sytem. 17.00-18.00h. Online communication. e-commerce. Ana Santos, Founder Eventosfera. 18.00-18.45h. Patent and trademark. Coro gutiérrez (SPTO). 18.45-19.45h. TICS. Eduardo Rodríguez Osés. University of La Rioja. 19: 45-20: 15h. Entrepreneurship awards: ‘Elevator Pitch’ award. 20.20-21.30h. Pechakucha Night Celebration Meeting Logroño. In collaboration with La Rioja Foundation for Innovation.IMG_20150122_120219 IMG_20150122_121152 IMG_20150122_133043

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